A Journey of Heartache and Hope

By Jennifer Martin MAPC

How To Survive Baby Loss

Need healing balm for your broken heart? You are NOT going to want to miss this read!

How to Survive Baby Loss unlocks the door into the well-travelled road of bereaved mothers and fathers. It’s sprinkled with quotes on what surviving is like for fellow parents of loss.

Read about what to expect, the timeline of your first-year post loss, navigating triggers, your identity, the importance self-care and healing reflections questions for you to answer.

The words speak to your soul. This book is not coming from a place of theory, but rather experience. Coming from someone who has lived it over and over

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“Surviving baby loss is like learning how to live your life on autopilot. I find myself just going through the motions to get through the day, trying my best to avoid any triggers. Forcing a smile when I really don’t feel like smiling, pretending to be excited for an expecting mom when I am not really hearing a word she’s saying. It’s like I’m just existing until I can find my pure joy again." - Sujuane Taylor, mother of two heavenly babies

Self Care

“Self-care is important in your journey through grief. Although losing a child may be a one time event, your loss will have a ripple effect that can last a lifetime. Just when you think you’re doing great, a situation or person may trigger a painful memory of losing your child and you feel as if your emotional pitcher is being drained.” —Kathe Wunnenberg, mother of heavenly Zachary, John Samuel, Luke and Matthew, Author of Grieving the Child I Never Knew


"Being on a flight to a destination you're so excited about and then suddenly being kicked off the flight midair and without warning. You survive the fall but the injuries are permanent and life changing. You’re never the same.”Kerri- Anne Brown, Mother of Heavenly Elias, Founder of HealingwithWisdom.net

Moving Forward

“I may never understand that a broken heart was a part of His plan. When I prayed all I could speak were these four simple, yet complex words, 'Thy will be done.' I knew His goodness and kindness. It was hard to ftnd and make sense of all God’s promises. Amongst the chaos, I just had to stop and know He was God.” —Carla Ann, Mother of Heavenly Ashlee Ann Fraley-Hooker

Here are some of the benefits of this eBook:

Jennifer Martin

Author spotlight

Jenn, a child loss advocate, but more importantly a fellow loss parent with two miscarriages (2016-2017) and son Ethan was a stillbirth (2018). Equipped with a Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling she has served as a crisis therapist since 2013. 

Jennifer Martin

Readers say

“This book is written very well. It gives a look into our world and emotions, and walks us through how to cope by giving you passages to the Bible. I wish this book was out when I was in the beginning of my journey so I knew it was ok to feel how I felt. I highly recommend this book to new loss moms.

You did a great job and I think it will inspire many people to keep their heads up and keep trying and moving forward.”


“This book!!! OMG!!!

I can’t thank you enough for writing this! God had his hands on this entire masterpiece. Wow! I want to read more from you. Can’t wait for the next book!”


“Within the first few pages, my heart was breaking as I flashed back to pictures and stories of Jennifer’s loss. I felt as though I was experiencing it along with her. She moved through important milestones within the first year with such honesty. The vulnerability was so apparent and beautiful. She made powerful statements about her husband’s reaction. She spoke of grief, and not just her own. She weaved other women’s stories into this book. She gave practical tips about self care while shining a light on mental health. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on identity as it is applied to many areas of our life. The final chapters are bittersweet. The process of moving forward, the why and ultimate Heavenly reunion. I was moved to tears envisioning that glorious day. 

If you haven’t experienced your own loss, I still encourage you to read this book. Maybe your best friend or your sister have experienced this loss, and your unsure how to move forward with them. This book will be a valuable tool to gently, practically and more importantly lovingly be a support system for them. 

I’m so grateful for how God has used Jennifer to be a light to so many families! Thank you for allowing me to be part of this journey.”


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